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Master Refrigeration with Miele MasterCool

Miele food scientists have spent years developing and perfecting the best methods to store food. The Miele Independence Series, complete with MasterCool™ technology, eliminates the guesswork of proper food storage. Legendary Miele innovation is apparent in all Miele refrigerators. The flexibility of Miele SmartFresh™ drawers and Drop and Lock™ systems, allow for complete customization. Easily adjust the interior of the unit to suit any and every lifestyle need. Every Miele refrigerator and freezer each employs a dedicated compressor system guaranteeing that no air is exchanged - even if they are housed in a single unit. [...]

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Thermador Wall Ovens

In 1947, Thermador invented the first built-in wall oven and separate cooktop which together became a staple of the modern kitchen. Today, whether you desire a Professional or Masterpiece Series double oven, or a wall oven combined with a microwave, or a triple combination with a wall oven, microwave and warming drawer, these products offer your kitchen remodel a unique product solution. No matter what the layout of your kitchen or current appliance mix, there’s a place for our wall ovens.[...]

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Knock Twice to Open This Miele Dishwasher

Miele intends to alleviate with automatic doors on its latest dishwashers—which open with a simple knock. Since a handle is no longer necessary, Miele also took the opportunity to streamline the front panel on its new Generation 6000 machines. The design team moved all of the buttons and controls to just inside the door, leaving a set of incredibly subtle white LED indicators that provide info on the current wash cycle and remaining time. [...]