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Miele Speed Oven

Miele Speed Oven is the ideal oven when time is of the essence. The ability to cook exclusively via microwave and convection baking modes or select optional programs that automatically combine the two, is a true time saver. This delivers the speed advantage of microwave technology, but ensures the tasty results offered by conventional convection cooking methods. [...]

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Miele Steam Cooking

One way to achieve a healthier lifestyle is to use steam cooking more frequently in your everyday diet. Miele steam ovens are constructed with an external steam generator, which is located outside of the oven cavity. This arrangement offers several advantages: First, the oven's interior capacity is greater so you can cook several dishes simultaneously. Also, the temperature is more accurately measured and can be kept at a constant level. When the steam is introduced, it surrounds the food from all sides. This immediate, intense exchange of heat ensures that food is sealed instantly to retain all the vitamins, color, and flavor. Cooking times are also reduced so you and your family can eat faster and energy consumption can be kept to a minimum. [...]

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Electrolux Announced Design Lab 2013 Finalists

Eight concepts have been selected as finalists out of the more than 1,700 submissions to the Electrolux Design Lab 2013 competition. Offering solutions in the areas of Social Cooking, Effortless Cleaning and Natural Air, the concepts show inspiring, creative and surprising views on the future of urban home environments. The winner of the competition will be chosen from the top eight finalists, who will present their concepts to a jury in Stockholm, Sweden on October 16 2013. [...]