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microwave repair San Diego

MD Appliance LLC offers Microwave Repair San Diego, CA. We repair all microwave brands such as Viking, Thermador, Dacor, KitchenAid, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, Kenmore, Bosch, Miele, and more. Our experienced technicians can shortly diagnose the issue and repair it, generally on the first visit. We offer microwave repair service and maintenance service at reasonable costs. We are using genuine microwave repair parts and have many of them available for quick service. We're glad to provide high-quality microwave repair in San Diego, California.

MD Appliance LLC specializes in repairing all microwave brands and models. It doesn't matter what sort of microwave problem you have, we will take care of it. In case your microwave not heating or it is not working correctly, please contact us to schedule an in-home repair visit. We offer complete diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our technician will find the problem, provide repair, and ensure your microwave operates just like new again.

What we do for Microwave Repair Service

  • Offer same day service.
  • Call before we arrive.
  • Give you an estimate before we begin work.
  • Guarantee our work.
  • Give you a discount on a repair.

What we do for Microwave Maintenance Service

  • Clean Cavity Surface.
  • Check for Proper Operations
  • Check for Microwave Leaks.
  • Check for Proper Door Closing
  • Check the Overall Condition and Advise

Microwave Troubleshooting Tips

No home is perfect without a microwave. The microwave delivers convenience to your kitchen, allowing you to cook or warm-up your meals quickly. The microwave seems like a simple cooking tool, but it requires maintenance and repairs like all other kitchen appliances. When your microwave stops working, people realize the convenience of their usage in everyday life. There is no lack of problems your microwave may face during its lifetime. To help you troubleshoot your microwave oven issues, we’ll go through some of the most common microwave repair problems.

Microwave Not Heating

Commonly due to a bad magnetron or some other part of the high voltage circuit. The microwave won't heat, and it will make unusual noise when it's on. Sometimes will produce a burning odor as well if the magnetron is burned out. A faulty high voltage transformer, capacitor, or diode will cause the same problem.

Microwave Not Turning On

Usually because of the bad internal thermal fuse. Suppose the microwave display is off and there is no light when you open the microwave door. In that case, that usually means that there is no power supply to the unit. First, check for the voltage in the power outlet. If the power outlet is good, the problem is the microwave.

Microwave Making Noise

During regular use, your microwave will make a lightweight humming noise. However, if this humming grows a lot louder, turns into a loud buzzing sound, there is something wrong. It's probably a bad magnetron, high voltage capacitor, or diode. Usually, the microwave will not heat as well.

Microwave Biggest Complaints

Microwave ovens are a modern convenience we tend to take for granted. Microwaves are common kitchen appliances. More than 90% of Americans in their homes using microwaves. These are the most common consumer complaints about microwaves.


Microwave Not Heating

When microwaving stops heating, we realize how much we use it every day and depend on it in our everyday lives.


Microwave Not Turning On

Commonly due to the power supply issue or internal thermal fuse.


Microwave is Making Noise

This is a common microwave problem, and it's usually a symptom of the bad magnetron.

Microwave Maintenance Tips

Preventive microwave maintenance reduces the number of microwave service and prolongs the lifetime of the microwave. It is a good preventive maintenance practice to scrub your microwave clean inside as needed. By following several simple steps, you'll be able to hold your microwave clean and in good condition so that you don't have to replace it for a very long time.

Clean Your Microwave Regularly

By usually wiping out the inside of your microwave, you can reduce unhealthy smells and prevent the development of corrosion spots inside.  Clean any spills and splatters straight away, and do a full wipe with a gentle detergent once a week or a month, depending on the usage.

Clean The Outside Surfaces

Oil, grease, and different residues can build on the surface of your microwave, particularly on the controls. Previous stains are more durable to scrub than the new, so clean them regularly.

Use Microwave Safe Containers

Be sure to use containers that are labeled as microwave-safe. These containers are made from ceramic, glass, or more durable plastic.

Ensure That The Door Closes Correctly

If the microwave door is broken or the seal is cracked, meals won't cook evenly, and microwave radiation can escape.

Microwave Brands We Repair

Miele Microwave Repair, Wolf Microwave Repair, Gaggenau Microwave Repair, GE Monogram Microwave Repair, Bosch Microwave Repair Thermador Microwave Repair, Viking Microwave Repair, Kenmore Microwave Repair, GE Profile Microwave Repair, KitchenAid Microwave Repair, Whirlpool Microwave Repair, Frigidaire Microwave Repair, Maytag Microwave Repair, Electrolux Microwave Repair and more...

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