Dishwasher is Leaking Water

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A leaking dishwasher is a critical dishwasher problem because leaks can flood your kitchen and cause damage to your floors and kitchen cabinets. When your dishwasher is leaking water, you need to take care of the problem quickly. Therefore, we've gathered some information on fixing a leaking dishwasher or preventing water leaks and damages.

To fix your leaking dishwasher, you first need to identify the source of the leak. If water is leaking from underneath the unit, it typically indicates defective hoses, pumps, or water inlet valve. If water is leaking around the door, it's due to an issue with the door gasket, spray arm, or a float switch. Start your repair process by thoroughly inspecting your unit's exterior to determine where the leak is coming from. When you find the origin of the leak, you'll be one step closer to repairing your dishwasher.

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dishwasher is leaking water

Damaged Water Hoses

First, you will need to find the leak source if you believe your dishwasher is leaking water. Check all the hoses and replace them as needed. If the hose is damaged, you can usually see the water leak right away. You'll need to remove the dishwasher from the cabinet to inspect all the hoses.

The Door Gasket

Check the dishwasher door gasket for damages. You'll need to remove the dishwasher from the cabinet to see the leak out of the door. Turn the dishwasher power-on. When it starts spraying water inside, look for the water leak around the door or leak from the bottom door corners.

Drain and Circulation Pump

Check the drain pump and the circulation pump. If any of these two pumps is leaking, you need to replace them. That is a complicated repair and needs to be done by a professional service person.

If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your dishwasher service.

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