Dishwasher Will Not Start

Dishwasher Repair San Diego

Your dishwasher will not start or power up for several different reasons. Most common problem is defective touch pad or the control panel. Sometimes the control board is broken or maybe the on-off switch. In any case professional assistance is required.

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dishwasher won't start

Power Supply

First check the power supply. Check for 120V in the power outlet. If the unit is getting power, go to the next step.

Control Panel and the Electronics

Next, check for any indicator LED light on the control panel. When you press start, and dishwasher is not starting, most likely the control panel is defective. Almost all the dishwashers come with the Tech Sheet attached. Tech Sheet usually explains how to test control panel and other components.

Door Switch or Latch

Sometimes, faulty door switch will prevent the dishwasher to start the cycle. The door switch is located inside the on top of the door.

Circulation Pump

In the worst case, the dishwasher won't work due to faulty motor or circulation pump. Replacing the circulation pump is complex repair and it needs to be done by professional service person.

If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your dishwasher service.

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