Dryer Not Heating

Dryer Repair San Diego

There are numerous reasons for a dryer won't heat. Electric dryer will not heat because of the faulty heater, thermostat or fuse. Gas dryer will not heat due to faulty igniter, fuse or gas coils.

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dryer not heating

Electric Dryers

Faulty heater, high limit thermostat, or the thermo fuse might be one of the reasons for the electric dryer not to heat. All those components are part of one circuit. Using the process of elimination, we can diagnose the faulty part. Diagnostic prices is complex process, and needs to be done by professional service person.

Gas Dryers

Usually, bad igniter, flame sensor or the thermo fuse are the reasons that gas dryer will not heat. Troubleshooting those components is relatively easy. Just by checking the continuity if each of the components, we can tell which one is the bad one. Sometimes, gas dryer won't heat due to a faulty gas valve coils.

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