Dryer Not Working

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Dryer will not work maybe because of a broken part or because the dryer isn’t getting power to operate. Before you start looking why your dryer is not working, check the plug, power cord and breakers. If any of those problems occur, you need to call professional service person.

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dryer won't start

Is Your Dryer Plugged In

Make sure the dryer is securely plugged in and that there is no damage or wear to the plug or cord.

Check Breakers

If you have an electric dryer, check the breaker box to make sure the breaker hasn’t been off. Since your dryer operates on 240 volts, only one-half of a double breaker may be on. This could explain a dryer not heating even though it is running.

Gas Supply

If you have a gas dryer, check the gas supply – if it’s not heating (or not running at all) you should check the breaker.

Once you rule out these simple fixes, you can look at how to fix a dryer that’s not working properly. Your dryer will not work maybe due to problems with motor that will not work or due to problem with faulty controls. You will need to find what specifically not working on the dryer and then troubleshoot the cause of the problem and correct it.

If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your dryer service.

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