Freezer Not Freezing

Freezer Repair San Diego

Freezers are an essential appliance in our kitchen. When the freezer not freezing food, it becomes a major inconvenience in your home. Several things can go wrong with your freezer, but the most common problems are a faulty compressor, issues with the condenser, or the evaporator. Freezer repair could be a complex job, so that only a certified technician should perform it. MD Appliance repair technician's extensive knowledge and experience allow us to repair and maintain your freezer with guaranteed success.

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freezer not freezing

Check The Power Supply

Before examining freezer components, first, make sure the unit still has electrical power. Ensure that the freezer is still fully plugged into its electrical outlet. If necessary, test that the outlet for 110V AC. If there is an issue with the outlet, you may need to call an electrician for repairs. Also, check the circuit breaker. If there is a short circuit in the freezer, it will trip the breaker. If you open the door and there is no light inside the freezer, that usually means that something is wrong with the power supply.

If there is no problem with the power supply, it is most likely an issue with one or more of the freezer's internal components. Issues like the freezer's electronic control board, cold control defrost thermostat, or compressor can cause the freezer not to freeze food.

Check Temperature Settings

Check the temperature settings and make sure that you didn't accidentally turn-off the freezer. A melting freezer may result from a faulty cold control, which controls your freezer temperature. A defective thermostat will not identify the temperature settings and will not regulate the temperature correctly inside your freezer.

Check The Freezer Door

Make sure that nothing is blocking the freezer door from inside. You should set the door alarm to play a sound when the door is not close all the way. Some freezer will turn off if the door stays open too long.

If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your refrigerator service.

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