Refrigerator Is Making Noise

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Refrigerator is the only home appliance that runs all the time. Normally, it runs pretty quiet. If it's starts making unusual noises, that means that something is wrong with it. Common reason that your refrigerator is making noise is usually evaporator fan motor, condenser fan motor or sometimes failing compressor.

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refrigerator making noise

Evaporator Fan Motor

Located in the freezer or sometimes in the fresh food compartment. Commonly, evaporator fan will make noise due to frost or ice buildup. Defective defrost system or internal water leak in the freezer could cause frost or ice buildup around the fan. Eventually, the fan might stop working causing rise of the temperature inside the unit.

Loud Compressor

Failing compressor will make loud noise every time it starts or stops. Replacing the compressor will be the only solution. Replacing the compressor is complex process and needs to be done by qualified service provider.

Damper Control

Damper controls the air flow from the freezer into the fresh food compartment. The air flapper on the damper sometimes makes loud noise when opening or closing. Replacing the damper will correct this problem.

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