Washer Machine is Leaking Water

Washer Repair San Diego

An efficient washer machine is a vital appliance to any home. When your washer machine is leaking water, that can disrupt your usual laundry practices. A leaky washing machine can cause significant property damage to your house. With a few simple regular maintenance steps, we can prevent washer water leaks.

If you see water leaking from your washer, first check the fill hoses and the connectors for leaks. Also, check if the water overflows the drainpipe in the wall and leaks outside. In most cases, the water leak happens due to a clogged drainpipe in the wall. The drainpipe overflows when the washer is draining water. If so, call a plumber to clean the drain pipe. Additionally, your washer could also leak because of the damaged tub or some internal damage.

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If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your refrigerator service.

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