Washer Sud Error

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SUD error is the most common washer machine error. Sud means that excessive soap residue is present inside your washing machine. People think that the more soap we use, the cleaner the clothes will be. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake, and it causes SUD error. Also, the error might show up because of the use of none-"he" detergent. The best way to eliminate excessive suds is to run a clean cycle once or twice a week using cleaning tablets.

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washer SUD error

In the past, a common practice was that a cap full of detergent was the right amount for one full laundry load. Today, modern washer machines are more effective, and detergent is far more concentrated. They use less water to dissolve the soap. That is causing residue or staining on the clothes, slow draining, and even strange odors inside the machine from excess SUDs. Most importantly, you will be developing the wear and tear on your washer and causing it to use more energy.

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